My name is Leah and I have been a dog groomer since May of 2006.  I have a deep love and passion for dogs, and seem to bond very well with them.  Cross My Thinners is a site dedicated to getting more information out there about dog grooming.  From basic information on what dog grooming entails, to reviews, breed cuts, and so much more.  My goal was to make this an all in one stop place for fellow dog groomers, aspiring dog groomers, and pet parents hoping to understand more about grooming.  I am not the greatest, most acclaimed dog groomer, nor have I been grooming the longest.  As stated previously, I am just immensely passionate about what I do, and I hope to share some of my knowledge with others.  This site is solely based on my research, experience, and knowledge of grooming.  Every groomer is unique in their own way, and every groomer finds their own style and technique.  Maybe this can help some find theirs, or maybe this will teach you something new!

Side information about myself, I have two dogs, both girls.  Xandria (Alexandria) and Lillith.  Xandria I have had since she was 7 weeks, and Lillith was a rescue I found behind a grocery store December of ’15.  You might see references with them in it, since they are the lights of my life.  If you ever have any questions or suggestions, please don’t hesitate to contact me; all information will be listed in the contact section.  I hope you stick around, and enjoy!