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Time At The Groomers.

Tonight’s post is a common issue amongst groomers, pet parents complaining about the length of time it takes for their dog to be groomed.  Every groomer is different and one pet may take a total of 2 hours for one groomer might take 3 hours for another groomer.  Most groomers ask anywhere from 2 to 4 hours.  Now, if you have no idea about dog grooming, that may seem like a long time, however, groomers do not typically work on just one pet at a time.  Groomers rotate.

For example, I tend to take roughly 3 haircuts at 8 am, and 3 haircuts at 11 am.  That means I have 3 dogs dropping off at the same time that I need to bathe, dry, and perform the haircut on with the goal of getting them done before my 11 am appointments drop off.  Groomers are not magicians and cannot pull off a bath, blow dry, and haircut all within half an hour.  If you feel groomers should, you are absolutely delusional and hopefully, do not own a pet.

If you cannot give a groomer enough time to complete the service because you have this, that, and the other going on, you should not book an appointment for your dog.  A groomers job is hard and stressful as is, without having the “I need my dog done in an hour” bullshit added onto.  Hate to be blunt, but groomers absolutely hate this.  We are human beings, not machines.  If you want your dog done that quickly, then you can do it yourself.

Also, times are just estimates.  Occassionaly groomers can get dogs done sooner than anticipated (which is a rare, but plesant occasion), and sometimes it takes longer.  Most groomers do not like their dogs sitting in a kennel for 4 hours, but unfortunately, most groomers do more than just groom dogs.  They do walk-in nail trims, answer phone calls, take back and bring up dogs for other pet parents, make appointments; our day does not revolve around one dog, it revolves around many.

So next time if you take your dog to the groomer, when they say they will give you a call, please just wait for their call.  Sometimes things happen and they forget to call you, it is not because they are trying to be malicious, things can get chaotic for groomers.  Be understanding because like I said, groomers are human beings, not machines.